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In January 2012 AAALAC hosted a series of webinars on "The AAALAC Perspective on Implementing the 8th edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Expectations for Accreditation. This 4-module course covered key topics and changes in the new edition and allow participants to gain insight into AAALAC expectations for implementing the 8th edition of the Guide. Copies of these webinars will be available in English and Spanish at no cost Summer 2013.

The four webinar modules include:

Module 1: Animal Care and Use Program
This module reviews the key topics in Chapter 2 of the Guide; Animal Care and Use Program. The function of the IACUC is emphasized as well as institutional collaborations, personnel training, program oversight, occupational health and safety, protocol review, harm-benefit analysis, establishing humane endpoints, and unexpected outcomes and other select topics.

Module 2: Environment, Housing and Management
This module reviews key topics in Chapter 3 of the Guide; Environment, Housing and Management. Topics of discussion include relative humidity, VAV systems, recycled air, social housing, cage and pen space, environmental enrichment and aquatics.

Module 3: Veterinary Care
This module reviews important topics in Chapter 4 of the Guide; Veterinary Care. Key elements of this chapter include the role of the Attending Veterinarian and the overall program of veterinary care, procurement, transportation, breeding colonies, surgical training, presurgical planning, aseptic technique and intraoperative monitoring.

Module 4: Physical Plant
The final module in the series covers key topics in Chapter 5 of the Guide; Physical Plant. Topics discussed include animals in laboratories, doors, windows, floors, temperature control and failsafe, HVAC minimum function, lighting and override systems, storage, vibration, rack washer safety, environmental monitoring, surgery in laboratories, barrier facilities, imaging facilities, and behavioral studies.

Questions: jbradfield@aaalac.org.

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AAALAC International hosts webinars throughout the year that address current issues. These webinars are open to anyone and provide timely information on accreditation issues relevant to the research animal care and use community. Upcoming webinars are listed at the top of this page with a link to register. Along with participating in our live webinars, you can also purchase and view past webinars in our webinar archives. If you have ideas for topics that you think would be of interest to the general accreditation community, please feel free to send your suggestions to jbradfield@aaalac.org.