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  Custom Online Education from AAALAC

Custom online education

With just a computer, internet connection and a telephone, webinars provide an interactive learning experience from the comfort of your own computer or conference room. We've incorporated this new technology into our educational services to provide additional options to help meet your educational goals. Like the on-site service, this option allows you to choose from our education and outreach modules/submodules and we then work with you to customize the topics and information provided to meet the specific needs of your institution. Webinar technology is best for one-to-two-hour sessions and provides great scheduling flexibility. A group setting for your institution’s participants is encouraged to enhance interaction, but members of your team can also participate from their office or from the road using their laptop and a telephone.

How to arrange for custom online education from AAALAC:

Contact Dr. John Bradfield, AAALAC Senior Director, to discuss your institution's specific learning objectives. Call 301.696.9626 or email jbradfield@aaalac.org.

If you decide you are interested in this service, a cost estimate will be provided and, if accepted, a date for your customized webinar will be arranged.