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About our education program

The goal of AAALAC International's Education and Outreach Program is to help institutions achieve and sustain Full Accreditation by providing topical education and outreach services based on the AAALAC International perspective.

Whether you're considering accreditation or have been accredited for a long time, the AAALAC International education and outreach services are designed to reduce the “accreditation learning curve” and provide a better understanding of what accreditation means—and what AAALAC International expects. The education and outreach materials are designed to provide the information you need to proactively manage animal care and use issues in ways that meet AAALAC International standards. All education and outreach materials undergo an intensive peer review by members of AAALAC International’s Council on Accreditation. This ensures that all materials are current and consistent with Council activities and discussions.

In order to make the Education and Outreach program as flexible, affordable and convenient as possible, AAALAC International provides a variety of education options including on-site education at your facility, online sessions developed specifically for your institution, or our general hot topic webinars which focus on topics of interest to the entire community. We're constantly striving to find new ways to improve our educational services, so please contact us anytime with ideas or suggestions.